Xqt, Please note that non ml based bots and Global bots are not permitted to do anything other than interwiki. Please comply. Thanks.--ജ്യോതിസ് 14:28, 29 ജൂലൈ 2009 (UTC)

Sorry, I do not agree. As described on m:Bot_policy global bots are permitted to maintain interlanguage links or fix double-redirects only. --Xqt 15:56, 29 ജൂലൈ 2009 (UTC)

Moving noinclude tagsതിരുത്തുക


Please check this change. You moved the noinclude tags out of the interwiki section and this resulted in the interwiki being transcluded into the main page. So the next time you update interwiki, please do not move the noinclude tags

-- റസിമാൻ ടി വി 09:15, 24 ഓഗസ്റ്റ് 2012 (UTC)

It's a good idea to use <onlyinclude /> tags within non-template pages for transcluding it. Xqt (സംവാദം) 13:59, 25 ഓഗസ്റ്റ് 2012 (UTC)