This template aids in the creation and standardization of a citation to NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD).

The following 3 named parameters are required, which are then passed to {{Cite web}}. Please refer to {{Cite web}} for more detail on each parameter.

  • |date= is the date the picture appeared on APOD. See {{Cite web}} for acceptable date formats.
  • |title= refers to the title of the |date='s APOD image, which normally appears immediately below the image. Do not use |title=Astronomy Picture of the Day.
  • |access-date= is the date when the |date='s APOD content was last verified.

The following parameters are also accepted, but are not required:

  • |last-author-amp=yes to separate the last author with an ampersand & instead of a semicolon ;.
  • |quote= to quote relevant text from the APOD page.

Empty horizontal template with all parameters: {{Cite APOD |date= |title= |access-date= |last-author-amp= |quote= }}

Empty vertical template with all parameters:

{{Cite APOD
| date =
| title =
| access-date =
| last-author-amp =
| quote =


{{Cite APOD |date=19 January 2014 |title=Spiral Galaxies in Collision |access-date=20 February 2015 |quote=Quoted text.}}
Nemiroff, R.; Bonnell, J., സംശോധകർ. (19 January 2014). "Spiral Galaxies in Collision". Astronomy Picture of the Day. NASA. ശേഖരിച്ചത് 20 February 2015. Quoted text. Cite has empty unknown parameter: |last-author-amp= (help)

See alsoതിരുത്തുക

  • {{APOD}} — for the non-citation version of this template

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