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{{Time}} displays the current time in a certain timezone. The time is calculated based on the offset from UTC for the specified timezone taking into account whether daylight saving time is currently active in that timezone. The offset for each implemented timezone is calculated in a sub template (except for UTC).
Note: Most Wikipedia pages display a cached version of the page to reduce server load, so the template will only display the current time as of when the page was last parsed.


Code Result
{{time}} 11:50, 27 September 2020 UTC [refresh]
{{time|HST}} {{time}} – unknown timezone (help)
{{time|AleutST}} {{time}} – unknown timezone (help)
{{time|AKST}} 03:50, September 27, 2020 AKDT [refresh]
{{time|PST}} 04:50, September 27, 2020 PDT [refresh]
{{time|MST}} 05:50, September 27, 2020 MDT [refresh]
{{time|CST}} 06:50, September 27, 2020 CDT [refresh]
{{time|EST}} 07:50, September 27, 2020 EDT [refresh]
{{time|AST}} 08:50, 27 September 2020 ADT [refresh]
{{time|NST}} 09:20, 27 September 2020 NDT [refresh]
{{time|PMST}} 09:50, 27 September 2020 PMDT [refresh]
{{time|WGT}} 09:50, 27 September 2020 WGST [refresh]
{{time|UTC}} 11:50, 27 September 2020 UTC [refresh]
{{time|GMT}} 11:50, 27 September 2020 GMT [refresh]
{{time|CET}} 13:50, 27 September 2020 CEST [refresh]
{{time|EET}} 14:50, 27 September 2020 EEST [refresh]
{{time|IST}} 17:20, 27 September 2020 IST [refresh]
{{time|WIT}} 20:50, 27 September 2020 WIT [refresh]
{{time|BT}} 19:50, 27 September 2020 BT [refresh]
{{time|EIT}} {{time}} – unknown timezone (help)
{{time|JST}} 2020-09-27T20:50 JST [refresh]
{{time|NTT}} {{time}} – unknown timezone (help)
{{time|ChST}} 21:50, September 27, 2020 ChST [refresh]
{{time|NZST}} 00:50, 28 September 2020 NZDT [refresh]



Links to the subtemplates used to calculate the current offset from UTC for each timezone (taking into account whether daylight saving time is active or not):


Specifying an unimplemented timezone in the first argument will trigger a {{formatting error}} and the addition of the page where the template is transcluded to വർഗ്ഗം:Pages with incorrect formatting templates use.

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"https://ml.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=ഫലകം:Time/IST_offset&oldid=2058724" എന്ന താളിൽനിന്ന് ശേഖരിച്ചത്