This is the {{main talk category other}} template.

It helps other templates detect what type of page they are on.

Basic usage തിരുത്തുക

This template usually takes four parameters, like this:

{{main talk category other|Article text|Talk text|Category text|Other text}}

If the template is on for instance any kind of talk page, it will return this:

Talk text

If the template is on a page that is not an article (main space), talk page or category page, then it will return this:

Other text

Some of the parameters can be left empty and the template will then not return anything if it is on that kind of page.

Advanced usage തിരുത്തുക

This template works like {{main talk other}}, see full documentation there. Note that it detects "Category talk:" pages as type talk, not as type category. The test parameter demospace for this template understands the values main, talk, category and other.

See also തിരുത്തുക

Easy to use namespace-detection templates:

More complex namespace-detection templates:

Pagename-handling and detection templates:

  • {{basepage subpage}} – For detecting if on a basepage, subpage or subsubpage.
  • {{pgn}} – Can take apart and put together pagenames in several ways.
  • {{if pagename}} – For pattern matching on the pagename.
  • {{if pagename multi}} – For pattern matching on the pagename, has input reuse.
  • {{IP-talk}} – Return: 1) IP user talk page 2) registered user talk page 3) not user talk page.
  • {{IP-user other}} – For detecting IP-user pages.

Technical stuff:

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