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[തിരുത്തുക] [പുതുക്കുക] ഫലകത്തിന്റെ വിവരണം

This template organizes Korean scripts and romanizations for use within article prose. It formats Korean Hangul and hanja using Template:Lang to ensure that web browsers use appropriate fonts, and screen readers use correct pronunciation. It also uses Template:Transl to mark romanizations as belonging in the "latinx" class of MediaWiki:Common.css.

Full parameter set:


Typical usage:



{{Korean|hangul=대청황제공덕비|hanja=大清皇帝功德碑|rr=Daechong Hwangje Gongdeokbi}}

will produce:

Hangul대청황제공덕비; Hanja大清皇帝功德碑; RRDaechong Hwangje Gongdeokbi

Alternatively, the template can be used without labels. Example:

{{Korean|대청황제공덕비|大清皇帝功德碑|Daechong Hwangje Gongdeokbi}}

This will produce the same output as above, but be careful to put the Hangul, hanja, and romanizations in the same order as you would if you were using the labels.

There are several optional parameters:

  • mr= for McCune–Reischauer romanization; to be used in place of rr= in articles about North Korea
  • context=north for use in articles about North Korea; displays "Hancha" instead of "Hanja" and "Chosŏn'gŭl" instead of "Hangul"
  • context=old displays the more neutral Hunminjeongeum instead of "Hangul" or "Chosŏn'gŭl", can be used in articles about events that occurred before the development of North and South Korea (pre-1945)
  • links=no to remove labels and links to language pages to improve readability; useful if the template is used multiple times in the same article (see WP:OLINK)
  • lit= allows for the inclusion of a literal English translation; should generally not be used for people's names

Note: This template should generally be placed in parentheses (see MOS:TEXT)

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