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| name = <!-- include middle initial, if not specified in birth_name --> Klara Bercary'''Bold text'''
| image = <!-- just the filename, without the File: or Image: prefix or enclosing [[brackets]] --> Klara Bercary at the 56th Drama Desk Awards
| alt =
| caption = Klara Bercary at the 56th Drama Desk Awards
| birth_name = Clara-Iulia Bercaru
| birth_date = <!-- {{Birth date and age|YYYY|MM|DD}} or {{Birth-date and age|Month DD, YYYY}} --> September 18th, 1986
(age 26)
| birth_place =
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| nationality =
| other_names =
| occupation = Actress, Model, Dancer
| known_for =
| known_for = winning Best Dancer and most Versatile Actress of "I'll Make You a Star" - 2009, NYC
and also for winning in the category of Best Lengerie at the Miss Diaspora Models International Beauty Competition, 2009-2010.
If pictures are worth a thousand words, then the beauty and grace, combined with the effervescence of Klara’s eclectic background, experience and talent are worth a million times a million.
Having the training of a childhood to the present spent devoted to the crafts of dance, acting, language and martial artist, Klara gives new meaning to the highly sought after title of “Chameleon”. Klara Kameleon would be an apt nickname for a performer who can dance like the wind with the grace of a tropical Sunset, while inviting the audience in to feel the warmth of her soulful personality and open heart of love.
In addition to being an experienced and well versed Actress, Model, Dancer & Martial Artist, Klara graduated from the Faculty of Political Science in 2008 and moved to USA in 2009 after getting a grant to NYFA, where she decided to pursue a professional acting career, enlisting the aid of one of Broadway’s most legendary impressario’s and managers, Robert Blume, of Step Forward Entertainment who holds a record title of Executive Producing the Drama Desk Awards for the last 14 years, currently Co-Executive Producing the Drama Desk Awards with Gretchen Shugart, CEO of Theatermania.com
Clara Bercaru a.k.a. Klara Bercary grew up in Southeastern Europe / Romania. Klara’s Father is a Priest and her Mother is a School Teacher. It was a great artistic environment and from a very young age, loved the stage and played different characters, invariably always playing the lead roles.
"I remember when I was 6 years old I use to change 10 times a day. It was quite exciting for me - I was playing so many fun and challenging characters and came up with a scenes for each one. At the age of 12 I start taking Martial Arts classes and one year later I
started Japanese language classes.”
“By the age of 14 I started taking ballroom lessons and training diligently in Latin dance classes. I had a hard time finding a dance partner because of my height, as I was taller than most of my fellow dance partners. A few years later I had the chance to compete and happily was able to win in very competitive challenges, bringing home trophies.”
“When I was 16 years old I joined a Modeling school and began competing in many exciting Beauty Pageants. I won 8 Awards and which was truly a great feeling and gave me quite a sense of accomplishment.”
“I do believe in inner beauty as a main quality, but these awards are great memories. I continued to compete when I emigrated to the USA as well. In 2009 I became one of the Miss USA NY State Finalists, but I couldn’t move forward cause I had not become a citizen yet. In addition to that I represented Romania at the Miss Diaspora International and won in the category of Best Lingerie.”
“My Life is my career! I am very conservative and I have always wanted to be able to reach maximum heights of success. I didn’t give serious thought towards perusing an acting career earlier in Romania
so I studied politics and decided to join the political stage. After my first experience in Romanian Parliament I realized I was too young for politics and decided to start a TV Show at the National Cultural Channel. Going to the USA at that time was just a dream and my financial situation made me be more careful with my future.”
“When I was in College I was walking on the street and passing by the place where I use to take dancing classes, modeling and it was a theatrical class as well, one of the best places in the Country. We call it The Military Circle or Centre. The Major of this Centre stopped me and asked me if I wanted to audition for a play. They were looking for a new actress for an upcoming National Tour and Competition. I was told I did very well, I took the part and since that moment my life turned in a new and very different direction. We had been awarded for two years in a row and one of the judges was a movie Director from Italy. He asked me if I would be interested in acting in films and sent me a script. At first I didn't take it seriously, but when I realized it was legitimate and trustworthy, I became overjoyed! A few months later I went to the International Film Festival and I met very well known people from the Industry. They were quite interested in me and I decided then and there to become professional and knowledgeable in the craft of acting. I began taking acting classes in earnest.”
“The question became: how far do you want to go?
I said... I want everything or... nothing. Of course I truly wanted the maximum possible, to give the best performances and achieve the highest level of success in the very best artistic centers of the world. I thought of going to London, being much closer and more convenient, but my heart was beating for the USA. Of course, it's NY and LA … Hollywood … the very best place for actors to be.”
“I discussed all sides of the decisions I was going to consider making for my new career with a number of mentors and experienced friends in the business. They loved my personality and the experiences that I have had, and learned more about the things that I like and have set as goals. I heeded their advice, which unanimously was for me to move to the USA and start working on developing and honing my craft. I googled for a school and surprisingly, the first page which came up was NYFA, the New York Film Academy and since that day, I couldn't sleep. I couldn't think anymore at something else, besides the New York Film Academy. I sent an email and luckily later on I was approved for a grant. It was the end 2008 when the financial crisis started and despite the economical down-turn, I still got approved. It turned out that I was one of the last International students to be accepted.”
“I made the trip of my life to USA, to NYC and I couldn't go to school in the beginning, even though I had a grant, because I couldn't get a loan for the rest of the amount. I couldn't find a co-signer but it didn’t end there. The next part of the story was a tragedy at that moment which turned into another achievement later on. I started auditioning and got a few roles, some modeling gigs and I went to a TV Show called "I'll Make You A Star", where I was awarded Best Dancer and Most Versatile Actress 2009. In the beginning I went to the Church and asked for some help, cause I couldn't work without being a citizen and I didn't want to break the law.” People were nice, kind and helped me a lot. Afterwards I took the residency test based on as they told me, extraordinary artistic ability. I start supporting myself and paying for my classes. I had a regular job - I worked as a Hostess and in addition, an office job as well. I was really sad and partially depressed because I couldn't go to school in the beginning, but I found the strength to come back to life and work on my career with even more energy and conviction. However, two years passed by and I was completely off my goal, I was far away from my artistic life. I felt so empty, so sad. It was just an obstacle which made me stronger and I've learned many things during this time.”
“I made a decision to rely on my inner qualities and talent. I am not taking roles that require nudity or even partial nudity. I want to show my skills before showing my body. I am glad I had the power to say no, when this opportunity came and my financial situation was really bad and there were some Union projects... but this is who I am. I realized that I also put some obstacles in my life saying "no" to those projects. I strongly believe that I will have the opportunity to show my skills before showing my body. Now I am ready to rock the stage!”
“I like originality, professionalism and quality. I am a chameleon - I look different in every picture, every scene and I want to let the world discover me in the upcoming years.”
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