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Here is the former country infobox with some fields displayed. Some fields cannot be clearly displayed in this default setting. (eg. area, population, preceding/succeeding states)

Almost all fields are optional, some fields are more optional than others. Some fields are hidden but necessary for infobox functionality.

For more information, see the empty syntax and instructions.

Finland road sign 142 (1995–2020).svg This infobox is under constant development. For many entries, the infobox has been implemented by one of the main developers. Other users are welcome to implement the infobox themselves, but developers might make modifications later on - largely for functionality reasons.

The main developers are:

If you are unsure about the usage of this template, or if you want to know why a certain modification was made, please contact a developer. Your comments and questions assist the developers in creating, improving and documenting infobox features.

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